Local government

Information - about the Municipality of Veszprém Town of County Rank

1. Municipal Elections

According to the Constitution of the Hungarian Republic the mayor and the representatives of the municipality must be elected in October – if there is no by-election – five years after the previous elections, which last took place on 13 October 2019.

The voters in Veszprém elected their mayor and their representatives from the 12 constituencies in accordance with the population and, in addition, 5 representatives from the compensating party list were given mandates, so together with the mayor the municipal assembly consists of 18 members.

From the three candidates the voters have elected Gyula Porga – nominated by the Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP (Christian Democratic People’s Party) – who has been elected for his third term.

The first statutory meeting of the Municipality was held on 31 October 2019, the assembly elected two deputy mayors, established a board of 7 committees, chose their chairmen.

2. The Mayor of Veszprém

The leader of the Municipality of Veszprém is the mayor, he represents the Municipal Assembly. The mayor is responsible for the democratic municipal work and its wide range of publicity.

The mayor manages his municipal and state administration and authority with the help of the mayor's office. The mayor governs the office in accordance with the decisions of the assembly and on his own authority through the town-clerk.

Mayor Gyula Porga, as a common candidate of the Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP was elected in October 2019 for the third time in his office.

Between 2006 and 2010 he was working as deputy mayor of Veszprém Town.

3. Municipal Assembly of Veszprém

The Municipal Assembly of Veszprém consists of 18 members:

  • 11 Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP
  • 7 DK  Jobbik  LMP  MSZP  Momentum – Párbeszéd (Democratic Coalition – Movement for a Better Hungary – Politics Can Be Different – Hungarian Socialist Party – Momentum Movement – Dialogue/Discussion Movement).

The assembly holds its meetings monthly, but in case of urgency the mayor is allowed to convene an exceptional meeting.

The assembly meetings are open for the public except for some cases. The agenda is defined in the annual working schedule of the Assembly. The mayor is responsible for the convocation of the assembly meeting and, at the same time he is the chairman of the Assembly.

The Assembly has a quorum if at least half of the representatives participate in the meeting.

The Assembly makes its decisions in open vote.

4. Leaders of The Mayor's Office and Members of the Assembly

Gyula PORGA mayor (Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP)

Mária BRÁNYI deputy mayor (Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP)

Barbara Szilvia HEGEDŰS deputy mayor (Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP)

Dr. Judit DANCS town clerk

Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP: Gyula Porga, Józsefné Stigelmaier, Dr. Zoltán Vendel Strenner, Mária Brányi, Áron Zoltán Kovács, Richárd Csik, Botond Bázsa, Gábor Halmay, Barbara Szilvia Hegedűs, Roland Pálinkás, Mónika Sótonyi

DK  Jobbik  LMP  MSZP  Momentum – Párbeszéd: Ferenc Hartmann, Sándor Katanics, Ferenc Gerstmár, Gábor Guzslován, Gabriella Benczik, Rajmund Kovács, Csaba Zakar.

5. Committees of the Assembly

To prepare its decisions and control the execution of them the assembly has the right to form permanent and temporary committees. The head of the committee is the chairman.

The Municipal Assembly of Veszprém has established 7 permanent committees:

Public Procurement Committee

Chairman: Roland Pálinkás (Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP)
Committee of Social Welfare
Chairman: Gábor Halmay (Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP)
Committee of Public Education, Youth, Sport and Civil Cases
Chairwoman: Mónika Sótonyi (Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP)
Finance and Budget Committee
Chairman: Sándor Katanics (DK  Jobbik  LMP  MSZP  Momentum – Párbeszéd)
Committee of Property Management
Chairman: Dr. Zoltán Strenner (Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP)
Town Strategy and Town Marketing Committee
Chairman: Richárd Csik (Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union and the KDNP)
Steering and Administrative Committee
Chairman: Ferenc Gerstmár (DK  Jobbik  LMP  MSZP  Momentum – Párbeszéd)

6. Work and Decision Making Process of the Self-Government

The Municipal Assembly of Veszprém works, on the one hand, according to the law about the local self-governments and, on the other hand, on the basis of the organisational and operational rules (SZMSZ) of its own.

The municipality independently deals with those public affairs of local interests that belong to its duty and authority, which can be mandatory or voluntary duties and authorities touching a very wide range of public matters.

The proposals presented to the Assembly are prepared by the experts working in the mayor's office and reported on by the different committees. A proposal with no suggestion, comment or opinion of the appropriate committee can be negotiated by the assembly only in exceptional and reasonable cases.

The assembly makes its decisions or passes a decree on the basis of the comments made by the committees.

The Municipality holds an annual public meeting announced in advance, where the electors can present suggestions, express opinions about the work of the assembly and question the representatives.

7. The Mayor's Office of Veszprém

The Mayor's Office has to prepare the decisions, organise, execute, control and supply in favour of the people of Veszprém.

The Mayor's Office helps the representative board, the local municipality, the minority self-governments, the committees, the mayor and the deputy mayors to do successful job. The leader of the Mayor's office is the town clerk.

8. Communications with the people

The most typical form of co-operation and communication with the people:

- regional plebiscite and public initiation

- public hearing
- local meeting
- district, constituency conference
- consultation time of the representatives
- toll free telephone number (+36-88-401-104)
9. Quality Management System of the Mayor’s Office of Veszprém

At the end of 1996 the Municipality of Veszprém made a decision to create the quality management system of the Mayor’s Office in accordance with the requirements of the ISO-9001 international quality standard.

In August 1998 the Mayor's Office of Veszprém - for the first time in the Hungarian administration - was given the certificate, which proves that the office works according to the ISO-9001 quality standard accepted by the European Community and matches the European quality requirements.

The certificate includes the preparation for and the execution of the municipal tasks and decisions, the realisation of official and public procuring procedures, the creation of the budget, the operation of municipal institutes and the public affairs.

The Mayor’s Office following the „good practice” of Western-Europe introduced the CAF (Common Assessment Framework) self-assessment, which is a part of the system worked out by ISO 9001 standards. The conception of the introduction of the CAF-system, as first step towards a modernized public administration, was made on governmental level in 2003.

The Mayor’s Office takes steps by integrating both systems towards an institution of excellence. As a proof the Mayor’s Office was awarded the Public Administration’s Quality Prize founded by the Minister of Interior in 2005, and the Veszprém County’s Quality Prize of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Veszprém County in the same year.