Mayor's greeting


Dear Visitor, 


Veszprém. To many, this name only cites beautiful memories, though there are some – I hope not many – to whom it is but another Hungarian town of the same. However, tens of thousands of us live here in Veszprém, whose hearts jump every time the name of our town is said.

As the mayor of the town I greet all with respect and love who would like to delve into the mysteries of Veszprém by the possibilities provided by technology. It is not a secret that we would like people from all around the world to get to know Veszprém, to make them interested in this town which lies at the embrace of Lake Balaton to the South and the Bakony Mountains to the North and West, which is ancient and young, calm, yet alive.

Let us walk up to the castle which survived through the hardships of history, where at first we will be surrounded by the tranquillity of timelessness amongst the old buildings and churches, then at the statue of our first king, Saint Stephen I, and his wife, Blessed Gisela we can stare at the distant, breath-taking view of the Bakony.

Walking under the walls of the fortress, on the mazy streets of the Old Town, we can discover new miracles at every corner. Not spectacular or ostentatious, but tiny and humble ones which make our town so loveable, so human.

However, the castle is not only the guardian of secrets and memories of the past, since by visiting some of the buildings those who are interested in culture can experience rare and extraordinary exhibitions of art.

The impact of culture on our town does not have to be explained to those who walk through the gate of the castle during a time when the tranquillity of millennia is replaced by the colourful and cheerful tone of festivals. Famous and known even outside our borders, the festival VeszpremFest leaves visitors with a lifelong experience every single time.

The Street Music Festival, which is inseparable from Veszprém also attracts huge masses during summer.

I could list all the other events which are known throughout the entire country, but because one has to see, to hear them in person, I will not.

Even though the castle is the most wondrous jewel of our town, it is not the only one of which us, from Veszprém are so proud of.

The Petőfi Theatre has been a citadel of culture for decades and gave place to such well known figures as Zoltán Latinovits and István Bujtor.

One of the most significant creations of the past few years is the Arena of Veszprém, which is today not gazed upon only because of its architectural accomplishments but because of its association with its content.

Aside from being the home of the Europe-wide known handball team of Telekom Veszprém the Arena is the place of high-standard events every year.

Another well-known and liked sight of ours is the zoo with its natural environment, which is relaxing and cheerful for children and adults alike.

Only a few steps away from there is the Gulyadomb (Herd Hill). The small forests around it evoke the unperturbed nature and this island of peace gives a great possibility to forget about the daily problems to everybody who lives or visits Veszprém.

But Veszprém is not a town of merely the past and silence. At our university there are over ten thousand students competing to gain great knowledge that is necessary these days, and it is them who give our town a unique flavour of liveliness, bearing the promise of future in their hearts.

Here we live, in Veszprém, and this is the town that we are so proud of and where, I, as the mayor, with love, in the name of all who live here, invite everybody to come and visit us. I can assure with an honest heart that the hospitality and directness of our citizens will have as great of an impact on every visitor as the wonderful sight of our town.

Gyula Porga