Mayor's greeting


Dear Visitor, 


Veszprém. For many people this name only cites beautiful memories, but there are also some – I hope that not many – for whom it means not more than one of the many Hungarian towns. However, we live here more than ten thousand. We, from Veszprém, whose heart gives a beat, only if it’s the name of our town’s sound.

As the town’s mayor, I greet everybody with regard and love, who would like to have an insight view, with the possibilities provided by the technology, into the mysteries of Veszprém. Our unconcealed purpose is hereby to familiarize Veszprém with even more compatriots and to pique their interest for this small town, lying in the embrace of the lake Balaton and the Bakony hills, at the same time old and new, calm, but vital town.

Take a walk up to the castle that lived the storms of history, where first the endless calm of the timelessness oscillates us between the antique buildings and churches, then at the statute of our first king St. Stephen and Gisela. The breath-taking panorama of the Bakony hills bursts upon our view far away.

Walking on the switchback streets of the old parts of the town under the castle, we can discover newer miracles at every corner. Not impressive, ostentatious spectacles, merely small in their modesty gripping beauties, which make our town beside others so lovely and human.

However the castle is not only the watcher of secrets and memories of the past, but visiting its several buildings, the nosy people who are sensible for culture can enrich with the experience of rare fine arts exhibitions.

It doesn’t have to be explained how much of an important role culture plays in the life of our town to whom, stepping over the castle’s gate, when the thousand-year-old calm is replaced by the varied, picturesque jarring of the festivals. The Veszprém Summer Festival is a well-known and acknowledged event even out of our borders, which always gives the visitors everlasting experiences with its top-class events.

Also the Street Music Festival attracts huge masses every summer, which is now inseparable from Veszprém.

I could also count the other event which are more and more popular throughout the country, but I don’t want to do that, because these have to be seen and heard personally, here in Veszprém.

However the castle towering above Veszprém is the most beautiful jewel of our town, but not the only one, we from Veszprém are so proud of.

Petőfi Theatre has been the citadel of the culture for decades; it gave home for such renowned artists like Zoltán Latinovits or István Bujtor.

One of the most significant developments of the past years is the Veszprém Arena, which is famous for not only on the grounds of the architectural construction, but due to the content attached to it.

Beyond that it gives home for the MKB Veszprém Europe-wide famous handball team, the arena waits for the enquirers from year to year with top-class events.

We have been really proud of our well-known zoo for a long time; it is really popular because of its natural environment, which provides great relaxation both for children and adults.

From here only some paces off is the Gulyadomb. The small forests around it cite the unmolested nature and the place gives a great opportunity to forget about the everyday troubles of life for every resident and visitor on this little island of peace.

However Veszprém is not only the town of past and calm. Our university has more than ten thousand students who endeavor to acquire the essential and high level knowledge, and they are those, who bring special liveliness into the life of our town, bringing along the promise of our future.

Here we live, Veszprém citizens, and this is the town, of which we are so proud, and to where, as the mayor of the town, on behalf of all living here, I kindly invite everybody to visit us. I can state from my heart that people’s hospitability and friendliness will have at least such an everlasting effect on everybody, like the beauty of our town.


Gyula Porga